Data Access

The access to Alpine Drought Observatory Database (ADO DB) is possible by means of many different clients (R, Python, PgAdmin etc.) as well as using a basic but powerful web interface for data preview and queries. Here are information for connection to the database:

            DB-name: climate_data
            schema: hydrology
            Port: 5432
            User name: ado_user (read-only)
            Password: hydro#ado

A preview and a query tool is available through this Web interface by ScientificNetwork.

Note that currently the access to the DB and also the web interface is possible if you are connected to the ScientificNetwork and/or using the VPN. Use above information (username and password) for connection. Then select server “Climate Data” on the left, select database “climate_data” in main window, select schema “hydrology”, then you shall see the window as shown below. Use “browse” tool to view tables or use the “select” tool to run SQL queries.

tables preview

Using PostgreSQL query to access data

Here you can find some preliminary queries to start using the database:

  • obtain list of the available stations: SELECT DISTINCT id_station FROM hydrology.discharge ORDER BY id_station;
  • select all the station belonging to the Slovenia area 04 : SELECT id_station FROM hydrology.discharge WHERE id_station LIKE '%ADO_DSC_SI04%';
  • obtain all the discharge data: SELECT date, discharge_m3_s FROM hydrology.discharge WHERE id_station = 'ADO_DSC_ITC1_0093' ORDER BY date;
  • extract all the stations within maximum and minimum date: SELECT DISTINCT id_station, MIN(date) AS STARTING_DATE, MAX(date) AS END_DATE FROM hydrology.discharge GROUP BY id_station;

Using R or python for access

It is possible to access the climate data base directly using R or python. In the following lines you can find notebooks containing code examples.

A dedicated python script has been written by Daniela Quintero to access and download time series from ADO discharge database: