Climate Database

The Climate Database (CDB) contains meteorological time series of daily temperature (maximum, minimum and mean) and daily total precipitation for more than 250 station sites in Trentino – South Tyrol region. The data were collected from the regional meteorological networks of Bolzano and Trento Provinces and include open access records from several close sites in Austria. The spanned period is 1950 – 2019 for temperature and 1946 – 2019 for precipitation series. For each site, the climatologies (30-year averages) over the 1981 – 2010 period of mean, minimum and maximum monthly temperature and monthly total precipitation are also provided. Climatological values are available for several additional Swiss and Austrian sites used within the processing phase. Note that mean temperature is defined by averaging minimum and maximum values in all cases.

The CDB was built in the framework of the Use-Case number 8 of the DPS4ESLAB project.

ADO project - Hydrological datasets

The database contains observational daily discharge data deriving from the first measurement (differs for each region) to the present, with more than 1400 stations. These data were collected from multiple data providers within the ADO study region, covering the countries Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland. The spanned period is 1869-2021. The missing dates were added in order to have continuous time-series.

4DMED project - Hydrological datasets

The database contains observations concerning the following variables: river discharge, in situ soil moisture, actual ET from eddy covariance stations, snow depth and snow water equivalent, groundwater and irrigation measurements. They have been collected by the partners responsible of each site and organised in a project database to be shared by the team, ensuring that all team members work on the same data versions.