LoRaWAN network

The following schematics represents the LoRaWAN network infrastructure we will exploit for setting up a basic IoT application.


Packet flow overview

The end-nodes, which gather in-situ data (e.g. temperature, humidity, etc..), send information packets towards a gateway over the LoRaWAN communication protocol. The gateway, in turn, publishes the packets to the server back-end through a web connection. The transmitted data, which are stored by the LoRaServer into an InfluxDB database, are made available to the final user through an Application Progam Interface (API).


To build your own copy paste and fantasy application, three main steps need to be carried out:

  • authentication of the end-node in the LoRaWAN portal;

  • retreiving the data from API.


The LoRaWAN network can allow you to send packets back to the end-nodes, as well. However, this feature will not be touched in the guide.

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