Environmental Data Platform

Documentations list

# Name Description Link Date published Category
1 MOOC Cubes and Clouds Free Online Course teaching the concepts of data cubes, cloud platforms and open science in geospatial and EO. Link March 8, 2024 OpenEO, STAC
2 STAC guidelines Documentation to browse and download items of the STAC catalog Link Feb. 22, 2024 STAC
3 Data guidelines This documentation provides guidelines for the data management and data repositories of EDP. It is accessible by the ScintificNet only at this moment. Link Oct. 26, 2023 data
4 Climatic and Hydrological timeseries This page contains description and documentastion of Climate DB, ADO and 4DMED projects Link April 14, 2023 PostgreSQL
5 InfluxDB connection Getting Started with R and InfluxDB Link March 6, 2023 InfluxDB
6 Maps web services URLs Here you can find all the available web service URLs provided by Maps, to consume datasets through an interoperable client (QGIS, Python, etc.) or to develop codes for analysis. The most relevant services to access datasets are: WMS (Web Map Service) to visualize layers in a map and to query them); WFS (Web Feature Service) or WCS (Web Coverage Service) to download raw datsets and use them for deep analysis or transformation. Link Dec. 13, 2021 Maps
7 LoraWAN for IoT devices The LoRaWAN network of the NOI Techpark is currently managed by Eurac Research ‐ Center for Sensing Solutions. The network is based on several open-source components, namely the network manager (LoRaServer), the administration web portal (Java Servlet Application), a database (PostgreSQL) for user information storage, and another database (InfluxDB) for the storage of the LoRa packets transmitted over the network. Link Nov. 19, 2021 IoT
8 EDP video tutorial Presentation of edp-platform and tutorial for data analysis and processing Link Sept. 15, 2021 OpenEO
9 openEO for ADO project Tutorial and snippets on how to use openEO in the ADO project Link Sept. 15, 2021 OpenEO
10 Connection to PostgreSQL database Necessary steps to connect to the PostgreSQL DB. Example with the Cimate Database. Available only inside ScientificNet Link June 10, 2021 PostgreSQL
11 Official OpenEO documentation and project site Official Documentation provided in the project web site for a deeper overview and introduction. Link June 10, 2021 OpenEO
12 OpenEO doc Documentation for OpenEO API Link June 9, 2021 OpenEO
13 SOS data upload Python System to automaticay upload data from files Link May 13, 2021 SOS
14 MonalisR for SOS-API Documentation and repository of the MonalisaR package to access SOS-API using R Link April 28, 2021 SOS
15 Eurac - OpenEO openEO endpoint Link April 28, 2021 OpenEO
16 maps.eurac.edu documentation maps.eurac.edu is based on Geonode, here the link to the official documentation Link April 28, 2021 Maps