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Soil moisture and temperature datasets in LIDO orchard

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Soil moisture and temperature timeserie datasets of the apple orchard located in the Laimburg Integrated Digital Orchard in Bolzano province. The timeseries collects data about soil moisture and temperature at 20 cm, 30 cm and 40 cm under the soil surface in 3 different position of the orchard. Acquisition frequency is 30 minutes for all the parameters.


Soil, Agricultural and aquaculture facilities, soil, temperature, water, soil moisture, sensor, agriculture, climate, water, soil

CC BY 4.0, None

Eurac Research - Center for Sensing Solutions
Viale Druso, 1 / Drususallee 1, eurac research, Bolzano, Autonomous Province of Bolzano, 39100, Italy

WGS-84 (4326:EPSG)

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Eurac Research

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