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Apple Trait Ontology (Crop Ontology - CO)

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The Apple Trait Ontology (ATO) is a vital resource for the precise and standardized description of apple varieties, enabling a deeper understanding of their genetic, morphological, and agronomic characteristics. Apples (Malus domestica) are one of the most widely cultivated and consumed fruits globally, and their immense diversity poses challenges in terms of classification, breeding, and research. ATO serves as a comprehensive framework to overcome these challenges. ATO is designed to capture and categorize a wide range of apple traits, encompassing characteristics such as fruit shape, size, color, texture, flavor, nutritional content, disease resistance, and more. This ontology employs standardized terminology and hierarchical structures to create a common language for researchers, horticulturists, and fruit breeders. The ATO not only aids in data sharing and integration but also promotes collaboration among diverse stakeholders in the apple industry.


Ontology, Apple, Variety Testing, Breeding ontology, OB-VISLY, Italy, Species distribution, Agricultural and aquaculture facilities, agriculture, biology

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