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Daily evaporation product - Ebro basin

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Evaporation (E) is the estimated flux of water evaporated from the land surface, including vegetation and bare soil. The product is generated from Two-source Energy Balance (TSEB) model forced by ESA Copernicus Sentinel-2A/B MSI and Sentinel-3A/B SLSTR LST imagery together with ECMWF ERA5 reanalysis data. Evaporation maps are available at 100-m spatial resolution for the period 2017-2021 over the Ebro basin in Spain. The spatial extent corresponds to Sentinel-2 tiling grids overlapping with the study area. The E layer contains one single band with evaporation values per day [mm/day] corresponding to Sentinel-3 acquisition day. Invalid pixels, mainly due to cloud contamination and lack of input data for TSEB, are filled with NaN values. Evaporation outputs are generated in netCDF format with metadata included in the file attributes. Datasets are available for each month (Jan-Dec) of the year separately in the form of stacked daily E observations.


Bartkowiak, P., Ventura, B., Jacob, A., & Castelli, M. (2023). Daily evaporation product - Ebro basin (Version v1) [Data set]. Institute for Earth Observation. https://doi.org/10.48784/B90A02D6-5D13-4ACD-B11C-99A0D381CA9A

Land use, Land cover, collection, Daily evaporation, TSEB, Sentinel, 4DMED project, 4DMED, Ebro basin, cct, N/A

CC BY 4.0, None

  • Paulina Bartkowiak, None
  • Bartolomeo Ventura, None
  • Alexander Jacob, None
  • Mariapina Castelli, None
eurac research - Institute for Earth Observation
Viale Druso, 1 / Drususallee 1, eurac research, Bolzano, Autonomous Province of Bolzano, 39100, Italy

WGS-84 (4326:EPSG)



Imagery base maps earth cover


Institute for Earth Observation

Snippet code
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# login ----
host = "https://openeo.eurac.edu"
con = connect(host = host)

# check login ---

# load collection - save result ----
p = processes()
data = p$load_collection(id = "Daily evaporation product Ebro basin", 
                                             spatial_extent = list(west = -5.4677,
                                                                                 east = 3.1201,
                                                                                 south = 39.606,
                                                                                 north = 43.3536),
                                             temporal_extent = list("STARTTIME", "ENDTIME"))
result = p$save_result(data = data, format="netCDF")

# download results ----
# either directly (suitable for smaller requests)
                             format = "netCDF",
                             output_file = "Daily evaporation product Ebro basin.nc", 
                             con = eurac)

# or start a batch job (suitable for larger requests)
job_id = create_job(graph = result,
                                   title = "Daily evaporation product Ebro basin",
                                   description = "Daily evaporation product Ebro basin",
                                   format = "netCDF")
start_job(job = job_id)
result_list = list_results(job = job_id)
download_results(job = job_id, folder = ".")
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#pip install openeo
import openeo

# login ----
euracHost        = "https://openeo.eurac.edu"
eurac = openeo.connect(euracHost).authenticate_oidc(client_id="openEO_PKCE")

# load collection - save result ----
data = eurac.load_collection("Daily evaporation product Ebro basin",spatial_extent={'west':-5.4677,'east':3.1201,'south':39.606,'north':43.3536},temporal_extent=["STARTTIME", "ENDTIME"])

result = data.save_result(format="NetCDF")

# download results ----
# either directly (suitable for smaller requests, closes the connection after 2 minutes)
data.download("Daily evaporation product Ebro basin.nc",format="netCDF")

# or start a batch job (suitable for larger requests, e.g. when .download() timeouts)

job = result.create_job(title = "Daily evaporation product Ebro basin",description = "Daily evaporation product Ebro basin",out_format = "netCDF")
jobId = job.job_id

jobResults = job.get_results()

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