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MODIS SNOW map over the ALPS

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The collection contains binary snow cover maps covering the entire Alpine Arc. The maps have a daily frequency and a ground resolution of 250 m. They are derived from daily MODIS observations (Aqua and Terra) for the entire Alps arc. The input data are the atmospherically-corrected reflectances of MODIS MOD09GQ, MOD09GA for tile h19v04 and h18v04. The map has two bands - SNOW MAP: Snow cover classification map with four classes [0 = NO DATA - missing or corrupt data of one or more input bands; 1 = SNOW - pixel covered by snow; 2 = NO_SNOW - pixel not covered by snow; 3 = CLOUD - pixel covered by clouds], QUALITY FLAG: Snow cover quality map [NO DATA - missing or corrupt data of one or more input bands; QUALITY_INDEX - higher values indicate higher likeliness of correct classification].

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Eurac Research - Institute for Earth Observation
Viale Druso, 1 / Drususallee 1, Eurac Research, Bolzano, Autonomous Province of Bolzano, 39100, Italy

WGS-84 (3035:EPSG)



Imagery base maps earth cover

Snippet code
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# login ----
host = "https://openeo.eurac.edu"
con = connect(host = host)

# check login ---

# load collection - save result ----
p = processes()
data = p$load_collection(id = "ALPS_SNOW_map_MODIS", 
                                             spatial_extent = list(west = 4.216447,
                                                                                 east = 18.990556,
                                                                                 south = 42.817153,
                                                                                 north = 48.601848),
                                             temporal_extent = list("STARTTIME", "ENDTIME"))
result = p$save_result(data = data, format="netCDF")

# download results ----
# either directly (suitable for smaller requests)
                             format = "netCDF",
                             output_file = "ALPS_SNOW_map_MODIS.nc", 
                             con = eurac)

# or start a batch job (suitable for larger requests)
job_id = create_job(graph = result,
                                   title = "ALPS_SNOW_map_MODIS",
                                   description = "ALPS_SNOW_map_MODIS",
                                   format = "netCDF")
start_job(job = job_id)
result_list = list_results(job = job_id)
download_results(job = job_id, folder = ".")
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#pip install openeo
import openeo

# login ----
euracHost        = "https://openeo.eurac.edu"
eurac = openeo.connect(euracHost).authenticate_oidc(client_id="openEO_PKCE")

# load collection - save result ----
data = eurac.load_collection("ALPS_SNOW_map_MODIS",spatial_extent={'west':4.216447,'east':18.990556,'south':42.817153,'north':48.601848},temporal_extent=["STARTTIME", "ENDTIME"])

result = data.save_result(format="NetCDF")

# download results ----
# either directly (suitable for smaller requests, closes the connection after 2 minutes)

# or start a batch job (suitable for larger requests, e.g. when .download() timeouts)

job = result.create_job(title = "ALPS_SNOW_map_MODIS",description = "ALPS_SNOW_map_MODIS",out_format = "netCDF")
jobId = job.job_id

jobResults = job.get_results()

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