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SOUTH TYROL: impacts of landslide events (IFFI)

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Impacts of landslides events in South Tyrol (IT) taken from the IFFI (Inventory of Landslide Phenomena in Italy) database [last update 18 Nov 2022].

Additional information available at: https://www.isprambiente.gov.it/it/evidenza/progetti/iffi-project-inventory-of-landslide-phenomena-in-italy

Italy, events, features, IFFI, landslides, south tyrol, st_hzd_evnt_landslides_pt_s4_p_iffi

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Eurac Research - Center for Climate Change and Transformation
Bolzano, ITA
Eurac Research - Center for Climate Change and Transformation
Bolzano, 39100, ITA

4326 (4326:EPSG)


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